Special containers

These special containers are produced with focus on customer requirements.

For the ISO containers of dimensional variations 20´, 40´ or 45´ we are able to secure CSC Certification in compliance with the ISO 668 and ISO 1496 standard. Thanks to this certification the customers are capable of ship-transporting the containers in stack together with the standard sea containers, as a result of which the transport costs is substantially reduced. This certification is relatively expensive and therefore it is more suitable for multi-piece orders of the same type of containers or for containers where there is a presumption of more frequent ship transport.

Special containers can be used to house comprehensive range of technology, mainly:

  • current generators,
  • batteries,
  • cogeneration units,
  • pumps,
  • compressors,
  • tanks and water treatment plants,
  • heating boilers,
  • switch rooms,
  • control posts and appliances,
  • cutting, welding and other machines, etc.


14m special container as a switching station

Container for measuring devices


The basis for the design of special containers is our material container, the construction has to be adapter to fit the above mentioned wide range of static and load demands.


The container dimensions are fully decided by the customer, according to his requirements and/or to the machines that are to be put inside. At the moment, we are capable to produce containers up to 16.000mm length, 4.000mm width and 3.600mm height. Of course, the dimensions are limited by the structural properties of each individual container. Moreover, the individual containers can be put together to form larger rooms and larger units on site.

Container for electrical equipment

Aggregate container

Examples of further equipment available for special containers:

Structural equipment:

  • Coating in cassettes – can be used instead of corrugated sheet coating. This solution is used where a smooth look from the outside is desired, but it´s not suitable where greater stability is necessary.
  • Hook loading system – The container is set on a hook-loading frame that is used to load the container onto a truck or trailer. As a result, the container becomes a fully mobile heating plant, workshop or storehouse.
  • Container insulation – insulation of floor/walls/roof with mineral wool, mostly from 50 to 100mm. Inner coating is finished in galvanized smooth or perforated sheet 1mm, stainless steel sheet or Fermacell plates.
  • Hanging lugs –used for container lifting or lifting of heavy container parts (typically a removable front wall). Lugs are often fitted also inside the container, e.g. to fasten machines/equipment during transport.


  • Flooring can be made in steel or aluminium riffled sheet as well as impregnated wood or water-resistant plywood.
  • Floor strengthening – to support heavy machines and appliances (aggregates, boilers,…), the floor is properly strengthened. Apart from structural reinforcements such as cross beams, we provide various other supporting fittings, e.g.: strip iron plates with or without holes, U profiles as rails for bringing of the heavy machines in the container, etc.
  • Double antistatic floor – floor tiles of 600x600mm, with vinyl surface. These can be removed for easy access to the space between the two floor surfaces. A part of such a double floor is often fitted with steel frames and cable openings to provide for switch boxes.
  • Drip vat – the floor can be constructed as a vat, water tightly welded with a 100mm trim. Used where water, oil and other liquids can leak from the machines.
  • Galvanized grid –placed on the floor with free space below, e.g. as floor over a vat where chemicals or water are caught.


  • Door –various doors for personnel entry. These are either provided with door handle and cylindrical lock, or with panic lock with grab handle from the inside and with door handle from the outside.
  • Double wing door – receive the standard closing rods or door handle and lock (or panic lock). Position anywhere in the outside walls.
  • Four-wing door – mostly in a long wall of the container to give easier access to large machines.
  • Removable front wall – is screwed tight to the container, the wall has a rubber seal and lugs. Such a wall can serve as temporary opening where no regular access is necessary.


  • Windows – fix, opening-tilting, sliding, with standard glass or with safety glass, etc.
  • Windows – various positions possible: We change the container structure in such a way that the windows can be slant (valuable for gatehouses or operator´s houses)
  • Fix ventilation shutters – shutters to prevent rain from entering through the opening. The fix plates are made from galvanized sheets.
  • Movable ventilation shutters – placed on the inside, protected from rain by a fixed shutter
  • Openings with frame – openings framed with hollow profile, or, in the case of round openings, with round tube or strip iron. Dimensions according to customer´s demands.

Surface treatment:

  • Surface treatment – apart from the standard two-layer painting system of 80ym total, we can offer various painting systems from different producers.
  • Antidrumming compound – valuable e.g. with aggregate containers, where it serves as effective acoustic insulation.


  • Complete electrical equipment – containers receive electrical installation to serve customer needs, from standard (CEE inlet, switchbox with F1 switch, fluorescent lights, sockets and light switch) to various other possibilities (electric installation according to norms for Switzerland, Great Britain, USA).
  • Ventilators – various producers, wide range of capacities, positions and equipment
  • C-rails – galvanized rails in various widths are used to mount equipment, piping, switch boxes, etc. They can be placed inside on the inner coating or let into the insulation so that they stay level with the inner coating.
  • Shafts,
  • Cable channels,
  • Sound reducing coulisses –to reduce noise of air current,
  • and many more – fell free to make an inquiry!
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