Offshore containers

At present, we don´t offer and don´t produce offshore containers anymore.

You can see our containers produced in the past below.



Our offshore containers were designed and manufactured to customer requirements and found their use mainly on oil and gas rigs. Specialised containers had been further developed until we were able to provide an advanced solution of special service and exploratory cabins approved to EN 12079 or DNV 2.7-1. The whole production process and compliance with strict technological procedures were usually supervised by recognised certification authorities (Lloyd´s, DNV). The containers were subjected to non-destructive test and load tests.

Container documentation comprised in particular a material list that ensured traceability of all materials used. Further documents delivered with containers were material certificates, records from ultrasonic, magnetic and visual testing, measuring records, prototype and loading tests records, painting protocols and final construction certificate issued by the certification authority.



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Vodafone Company of the Year 2012

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3rd place in the prestigious completion “Czech Business Pikes 2012” in Zlín region.


We possess all important certificates. You can find a detailed selection here.

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