Container conversions

We don´t offer container conversions anymore.

All our customers require newly built containers tailored specifically to their needs.


See below our past experience with container conversions.


Apart from building completely new containers, we used to convert sea containers to suit the customer´s unique requirements.

The main advantage in case of minor construction changes was the assessment and recertification of the CSC approval plate (CSC – Container Safety Convention), without the need to do the load tests. We used to cooperate with certification bodies such as DNV-GL and Lloyd’s Register.

Sea containers were available only in the standard dimensions, mostly 40 feet (12192x2438x2591mm) or 20feet (6058x2438x2591mm).

Reconstructed sea containers could be used as:

Vodafone Company of the Year 2019

Vodafone Company of the Year 2009

Vodafone Company of the Year 2012

Vodafone Company of the Year 2012

Czech Business Pikes 201

3rd place in the prestigious completion “Czech Business Pikes 2012” in Zlín region.


We possess all important certificates. You can find a detailed selection here.

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